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    Blood, Sweat, and Tosho

    Here’s another recent Juniperus rigida I styled for Mr. Endo about three weeks ago. A trip to his garden is also featured Here. This bonsai was purchased from us about two years ago and it has pretty much grown freely since then. It is a collected tree and has been[...]

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    Wisteria Bonsai

    With the dog days of summer upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere), it seemed like a good time to share a trip I took this Spring to immerse myself in the world of wisteria viewing. Much like bamboo displays, wisteria bonsai have a light and cooling feeling. Anyone who[...]

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    Pinus densiflora Styling

    Some of the clients at Kouka-en have species and styles they gravitate towards. We have one customer who tends to buy the largest pine bonsai we have in stock a few times a year to account for something…… Another client loves bizarre exposed root bonsai. In early June, a client[...]

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Rejoining The Tribe

For me, bonsai work in Japan is quite different than anywhere else.  The formality of every process and system of organization in daily life contrasts nicely with the idealized feeling of natural beauty we strive to create in the bonsai. My interest in writing over the last few years continued[...]



Winter Silhouette Exhibition Coming Up: Dec 6-7th 2014

The exhibition in Kannapolis is just around the corner.  As an update to the previous post on the matter, here is some new information: There will be 29 tables of exhibits, with artists coming from New York, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. 9 vendors including International[...]



That Bonsai Does NOT Look Like A Real Tree!!!

The title alone will likely make some blood pressure rise.  Others will avoid reading this to avoid a manifesto from yet another source.  Fear not.  Thought it would be nice to highlight one area I’ve visited near Kobe, Japan with some phenomenal Akamatsu (Pinus densiflora) a few years ago.  Word[...]


July 12th and 13th: 2014 Southeastern Regional Bonsai Expo

For a number of years, the Nashville Bonsai Society has held the Southeastern Regional Bonsai Expo at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum in Nashville, TN.  Barbara Bogan and the late Mike Blanton built this show up to its current level of attendance and reputation.  It is my great pleasure to[...]