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Day Trips, Gardens of Japan

Nanzen-ji Temple Complex, Kyoto

During my time here in Japan, I’ve made it a point to spend my oh so infrequent days off experiencing temples, gardens, and other culturally important sites.  My breaks from the bonsai grind generally leave me even more tired than normal as I go into “tourist mode” and see as[...]

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Juniperus rigida “Test”

Since arriving in Japan, I’ve done full styling projects on a a ton of trees.  The majority are what we refer to as “lesson trees” that aren’t spectacular bonsai by Japanese standards, but have issues needing resolution to be set on the right path.  This particular Juniperus rigida, aka “Tosho”,[...]

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Fujikawa Kouka-en

Poodles and Manicures

There is very little that really gets me fired up when it comes to bonsai discussions. Generally, a person’s opinion about something as subjective as art is just that; subjective.      However, I feel the issue of “Bonsai Groomers” or “Bonsai Hair Dressers” needs to be addressed.  I’ve been[...]

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Day Trips

Katsuragi San Trip

  Yesterday, I went to see the azaleas blooming on Katsuragi Mountain.  I will have a Facebook Album uploaded soon as well with more photos of today’s adventure.  After setting out, 4 train changes and a bus ride put me at the base of the mountain in 3 hours.  Most[...]

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Refinement Techniques

Pseudocydonia sinensis

Chinese flowering quince, known as Karin in Japan, is a species of fruit tree native to China.   The species is known for pink flowers in late Spring, exfoliating bark, and red to yellow fall color.  In this post, I’ll walk you through a few techniques for creation and maintenance[...]

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Gardens of Japan

Jizo-en and Saihoji aka “Kokedera”

Jizo-en and Saihoji aka “Kokedera”. Saihoji is my all – time favorite garden and a photo of this amazing place triggered my interest in Japanese art and culture.  Jizo-en aka the Bamboo Temple, is located nearby.  Saihoji requires an advance reservation.  Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 4; Saiho-ji Footage @[...]

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Reflections on Bonsai

Bonsai? Why?

Bonsai? Why? FEATURED I have been reluctant to write a blog up until now as you need to have something novel, or at least somewhat interesting to say.  I have built up enough experiences and mastered “Hidden Crane Sweeping Technique”, so it’s time to share what has happened thus far and[...]

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