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Bonsai Art Japan, Fujikawa Kouka-en

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2012

This is not all of them, but many of the ones I liked or thought were done well regardless of my personal preferences.  My favorites were mostly single species shitakusa (meaning “under-grass”) displayed with bonsai; the moss and pyrossia ones being best.  Kusamono is a catch-all term.  This information comes from a kusamono grower and former Kokufu judge and the response of many Japanese bonsai professionals and kusamono vendors.

One point I’d like to make in this post is that many of the kusamono receiving major exposure internationally are those used in the Taikan-ten and Kokufu-ten; both shows relying on mainly evergreen heavy shitakusa that are at their best during these seasons.  Or, just look better as other perennial plants have already shut down.  Young Choe has photographed many of her creations in the Spring and Summer months and thought I’d take a moment to promote her work HERE.

There were a number of  kusamono in three-point displays with suiseki and a scroll.  My favorite suiseki was Kiyama-san’s interpretation of a mountain : ).    Enjoy!


  1. Jeremiah Lee - December 2, 2012 3:04 pm

    Thanks for offering up these pictures for us, I really appreciate it! I sure wish there was a database out there(like maybe a gallery on your blog;) where common Kusamono plants used in these displays were identified by name. I think that and then knowing somewhere you could purchase them would be perfect. Thanks Owen.

    • Ehren - May 17, 2014 11:47 pm

      That is actually something I am trying to work on. Maximum and minimum sized for leaves/stalks on plants, as well as minimum pot sizes/watering frequency.


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