Acer palmatum ‘Hillstock’ Clump

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This bonsai was created by Warren Hill over the last 40 years from his selection of Japanese maple.  Container grown the whole time with fused base and good trunk placement.   Mica container.

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2 reviews for Acer palmatum ‘Hillstock’ Clump

  1. Daniel Dolan
    5 out of 5


    I had the privilege to get to know Warren some years ago when he visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. I spent 3 days with him in a workshop at the home of a friend and later had him to my collection for a day of Bonsai. A wonderful person…….and his apprentice of many tears is a friend of mine here in Chicago who told me a lot about “Hill Stock.” Can you tell me the size of the tree trunk and height? Type Maple? Is it possible to get an image of the tree now in its Winter aspect? Thank you.
    Best regards, D/D

    • Owen


      The maple in question sold a while ago and I’m updating my site and sales area now. Thank you for your interest in the maple. I’ll have more available soon.


  2. Daniel Dolan
    5 out of 5


    Meant to type “years”

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