Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2011

After moving back to America in a few months back, life has been chaotic and wonderful.  I’ve already met a ton of great people and had the opportunity to style some excellent bonsai while on the road.  As I sort through the thousands of photos from my time as a[...]

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Bonsai Art Japan, Fujikawa Kouka-en

Kusamono of Taikan-ten 2012

This is not all of them, but many of the ones I liked or thought were done well regardless of my personal preferences.  My favorites were mostly single species shitakusa (meaning “under-grass”) displayed with bonsai; the moss and pyrossia ones being best.  Kusamono is a catch-all term.  This information comes[...]

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Fujikawa Kouka-en, Kusamono, Progressions

A Few More Kusamono

Some of the kusamono I made earlier this year really came out well.  It’s inspiring to see the really old ones here and every exhibition attended provides me with more insight into this very addictive, very important aspect of bonsai display.  While on the subject of kusamono, I was chastised[...]

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Fujikawa Kouka-en

A few kusamono

  I  keep talking about kusamono with friends so felt like posting a few.  A few things to consider about kusamono (which literally translated means “weed thing”). Ninety-nine percent of the time, an immature feeling is not desirable when displaying kusamono as a companion plant in bonsai display.  The feeling[...]

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